About Us

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Introducing Ecocool, your ultimate destination for professional window film solutions. With an extensive range of window films, we cater to the diverse needs of automobiles and businesses alike. Our product lineup includes four distinct categories: ## series, ## series, ## series, and ## series.

Since our establishment in 20##, Ecocool has experienced remarkable growth, expanding to ## outlets nationwide. Our carefully selected licensed authorized dealers are strategically located throughout Malaysia, ensuring top-notch service and customer satisfaction. We hold our dealers to high standards, emphasizing installation quality and fair pricing. To maintain excellence, our dealers and technicians receive periodic refresher courses and practical training, enabling them to consistently deliver exceptional information and services.


Ecocool, a trusted name in the industry, is known for providing top-of-the-line professional-grade window films.

Our product selections consist of imported window films from the USA, tint films, Germany/EU car PPF, and other renowned branded car coating items.

We prioritize quality and combine it with advanced technology and a practical understanding of the business, making Ecocool the leading choice for professional dealers and installers in Malaysia and around the globe.

When it comes to consumer benefits and value, Ecocool stands out with its wide range of offerings. Whether you need window films for your home, office, or automotive applications, Ecocool's products come bundled with numerous advantages.